peace versus chaos in a big family

Five is considered a large amount of children these days, but considering DH is the oldest of six, and I am near the top of nine, we don’t consider five to be too many.  In fact, once upon a time, we planned to have six.  Then life happened, and now five is the perfect number for us.

I love my kids fiercely, but that doesn’t mean that I am never frustrated or irritated but them.  They are their own people, and the older they get, the more they let us know that.  It is easy to get in the mode of criticizing, or showing exasperation.  As I parent though, I see the negativity this brings into our home.  I want peace and harmony, not envy and strife.  Does that mean I let them do whatever they want?  No!  It is so important to have firm rules and boundaries.  But I need to work on maintaining those rules and boundaries with a calm demeanor and without raising my voice.

I have found that the biggest contributing factor to having peace in our home is consistent family scripture study and prayer.  There is a measured difference in our home when these two activities are occurring.  Unfortunately, with DH traveling as much as he has recently, and my lack of focus on important things, we have barely been studying scriptures as a family, and while we are pretty good at evening prayers, morning prayers have been rushed.

This week my goal is to get back into the consistency that we crave.  We will start reading scriptures during dinner, and will hopefully get back some of the peace and harmony we have been missing in our home. 


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